Embodying Landscape



Another project that took place at the ResidenceSEA in May 2017 and which truly widened my horizon. Transdisciplinary artist Kuo Ying Hsiu, from Taiwan, and a choreographer Yang Liu, from China continued their work on what possibilities dance, choreography and video offer as a tool to analyze local realities and social spheres.


intermediate mental maps



The presentation of Jörg Laue and Esther Ernst I enjoyed so much,  and all the time we spent together remains such a wonderful memory. At another place I wrote all about their presentation. So, I keep it short here.




In May 2016, Caitlin Harder and Tomoe Tsutsumi stayed and worked at the ResidenceSEA. Their installation “SPIRITUS” was such a wonderful and inspiring experience as well as all the talks with Caitlin. Here are a few pictures from the presentation at the ResidenceSEA.




For two weeks in fall 2015 LOLO Y LAUTI came with Rodrigo Moraes to work at the ResidenceSEA.

Together with Vasilis Flouris they realized a wonderful side-specific video installation called “DIRTY BEACH”. They get you to think through their clever and poignant humor.

The Blue Keeper

Ilaria Villagrassa & Roberto Ghisu @ ResidenceSEA


In August 2015 I had the great opportunity to meet two wonderful artists from Italy, Ilaria Villagrassa and Roberto Ghisu. They had come to Crete to work on their project “The Blue Keeper” at the ResidenceSEA. Ilaria created wonderful paintings and together with Roberto, she created a mesmerizing video about the deep blue sea and its mysteries.