Everybody Knew Everything About Ida & Doorloop



June 2017 Visual artist and composer Hee-Seung Choi worked on the “public image” of Ida, based on the book of Gertrude Stein and the mountain massive Ida that is located in Crete, while music theater performer Lieneke Pisters continued her research on “Energy” at the ResidenceSEA in Heraklion, Crete.


Embodying Landscape



Another project that took place at the ResidenceSEA in May 2017 and which truly widened my horizon. Transdisciplinary artist Kuo Ying Hsiu, from Taiwan, and a choreographer Yang Liu, from China continued their work on what possibilities dance, choreography and video offer as a tool to analyze local realities and social spheres.




Jørgen Teller from Denmark stayed at the ResidenceSEA in April 2017. Due to the location of the ResidenceSEA, there is the constant sound of the sea entered. This sound entered his dreams, which Jørgen translated into fantastic electronic music, which he performed at the end of his stay at the BlowUp Bar in Heraklion.

Thalassoporos ou pelos poros do mar



In March 2017, Brazilian poet Rafa Carvalho came to the ResidenceSEA in Heraklion. His project is focused on the sea, so we had lots to talk about. At the end of his stay he made an amazing and long performance. Rafa took all of us in the audience on a travel with an old sailor, on a travel of life, on a travel into the stories of the sea. It was a truly beautiful evening.

Myth of Europe, next chapter



In February 2017, Łukasz Krupski came to the ResidenceSEA to research on the connection of Greek mythology and contemporary culture. He is a young and very talented sculptor from Warsaw, Poland. After his interactive performance, Spin the Wheel, a nonprofit organization raising money for schools in Africa, presented their project and continued the evening with a great Funk beat party.

Update on “Take 5”



The last pictures of the vocal ensemble Take 5 from Heraklion, Crete, have been added in 2014. Now, we have  2016, and they have given more concerts since then. So, it is about time to update the gallery of the wonderfully sounding Take 5 with more recent promotion and concert photos.

Island Gardens



In June 2016, Mike Cooper stayed at the ResidenceSEA. He is a musician, composer, video artist, but most of all he is an improvisor with a great sense of humor and very curious mind. At the end of his stay, he presented his ongoing project “Island Gardens