South East Crete


Crete is a fairly big island in the south east Mediterranean with mountains, lots of history, and much more. This summer I had the opportunity to visit the south east part of Crete. It was just a short trip, which I enjoyed very much. Although these places are so inspiring, this time I did not take many pictures. But it won’t be the last time that I went there. The rare beauty of Xerokampos, the Venetian Villa in Etia and a short stay in Makrigialos were on my list for this little trip.

Rocamadour // Poseidon’s Pride // beats&trash


In August 2016 Rocamadour (Fleur Khani) and Berten Vermander came to the ResidenceSEA to work on music and to raise awareness through art about our often thoughtless pollution. Truly, Rocamadour’s music resonated in me, and I really enjoyed how she played with her own voice, lyrics and beats. Furthermore, Berten’s trash beach sand castle “Poseidon’s Pride” and all the arrangement of the different beach trash findings into an artistic landscape inside the ResidenceSEA was so fantastic. Imagine, we would all collect our trash, how much fantastic art we could make, and how easy we could keep especially the sea life safe and, more generally, our environment clean.




For two weeks in fall 2015 LOLO Y LAUTI came with Rodrigo Moraes to work at the ResidenceSEA.

Together with Vasilis Flouris they realized a wonderful side-specific video installation called “DIRTY BEACH”. They get you to think through their clever and poignant humor.