On the wall @night


The difficulty of a moon rise



Recently, when the winter took a small break, I went with a friend to explore the world as seen from the top of the Venetian Walls in Heraklion. There is so much to see even at night. This will be an ongoing series over the next few months.

Supermoon 2016



Tonight I finally managed to go out and have a good look at the supermoon .. But then also the clouds wanted to be on stage and they did well, since I got some beautiful pictures of the supermoon with clouds.

intermediate mental maps



The presentation of Jörg Laue and Esther Ernst I enjoyed so much,  and all the time we spent together remains such a wonderful memory. At another place I wrote all about their presentation. So, I keep it short here.

Moments @ ResidenceSEA


The ResidenceSEA is not only a place that inspires the artists that come to stay and work, but also it inspires me – every time I go there. It is so close the sea, to the water, and sometimes the waves touch the windows. Then there is this wonderful light all day long and the big space inside. Beyond all that I love what we are doing as a volunteer team at the ResidenceSEA. Now, this is the place where to leave some pictures that I have taken around our fantastic ResidenceSEA.

Rocamadour // Poseidon’s Pride // beats&trash


In August 2016 Rocamadour (Fleur Khani) and Berten Vermander came to the ResidenceSEA to work on music and to raise awareness through art about our often thoughtless pollution. Truly, Rocamadour’s music resonated in me, and I really enjoyed how she played with her own voice, lyrics and beats. Furthermore, Berten’s trash beach sand castle “Poseidon’s Pride” and all the arrangement of the different beach trash findings into an artistic landscape inside the ResidenceSEA was so fantastic. Imagine, we would all collect our trash, how much fantastic art we could make, and how easy we could keep especially the sea life safe and, more generally, our environment clean.

Update on “Take 5”



The last pictures of the vocal ensemble Take 5 from Heraklion, Crete, have been added in 2014. Now, we have  2016, and they have given more concerts since then. So, it is about time to update the gallery of the wonderfully sounding Take 5 with more recent promotion and concert photos.