Antje Larsen is an artistic photographer and physics technician living and working on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Crete, Greece. Born and raised in East Germany, in her twenties she moved to Crete, which became her home and inspiration.

Since her childhood, Antje would experience people, moments and places as pictures. Her first steps with a simple film camera and later the development process of b/w film and photos, laid out the basis for her photography. A few years ago Antje started using digital photography. Characteristically, her pictures have elements of geometry and natural phenomena as well as showing the human influence on the environment. More specifically, the favorite subject of Antje’s photography is water, particular she focuses on the different characters and patterns of the sea coming from the interplay with light and other natural conditions.

Antje has taken part in several group exhibitions from 2010 to 2012, and her pictures have been published on the internet as well as in several local newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, she is part of the ResidenceSEA team in Heraklion and thus, collaborates with international artists of different artistic backgrounds.

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